The Real Reasons Why You Should Insist on Fresh Farm Produce

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Often, you will hear suggestions that fresh farm produce is healthier than other groceries and that you should never touch anything else with a devil’s spoon. While there are benefits of fresh farm produce, it is the trashing of other groceries that kills the entire argument.

Yes, you should insist on fresh farm produce, and here are the genuine reasons why.

Support Local Growers

Fresh produce ideally comes from a hundred miles or less away from you. This means you support a farmer, a trader, and a transporter near you every time you make a purchase. Although this is a small act individually, it can have a huge impact if it spreads within your community.

Better Grown Products

This is where the ‘what’s in it for me?’ question gets answered. Such products are grown on small farms, meaning that farmers are able to give more personalized care to plants. Each plant gets enough nutrients and care. There are fewer cases of harmful pesticides applied, with some of them even produced organically. Moreover, since these products are not transported over long distances, they are picked at optimum ripeness. This means you get better nutritional value.

Get Authoritative Preparation Advice

The best farmers get to try out the products they grow. Since they have plenty, they have the freedom to try out numerous recipes without worrying about waste. If you buy from such suppliers, you can always enjoy tips on how to best prepare your greens in the best ways there are.

Save Money

Sounds unreal, but it is. See, the local farmer is not trying to lump numerous costs like air transportation on you. At the local farmers’ market, you are unlikely to be hit with the ‘organic product’ inflation or prices, yet you enjoy the same quality. And, even better, some local farmers supply to your doorstep.

Say you wouldn’t do with an extra saved nickel in this biting economy. Say it!