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Agriculture is a key sector in Great Britain. It is an essential provider for the food and textile industries in this country. When working on a farm, it is important to wear the right kind of clothing. This type of work often involves doing physical labour out in the open. You will, therefore, be exposed to the elements for hours on end. Good farming clothes should be comfortable and able to protect against extreme weather.

Waterproof Coat

If you work on a farm, then you are bound to encounter rain at some point. During wet days farmers should wear strong waterproof coats with a hood. However, they should not be too thick as this can restrict movement.

Some farmers prefer to wear sleeveless coats so that they can move their arms more freely. These items of clothing keep the body core warm and dry without affecting movement.

Loose Shirt

On warmer days farmers should wear loose shirts that allow the air to get into the fabric. This will keep the body cool, preventing it from overheating. Button up shirts are preferable in this regard. You should remember that this shirt will get dirty and possibly damaged over time. Therefore it should not be too expensive.


Good farm shoes need to be resilient to frequent wear. Generally, a pair of boots is preferable for everyday work. However, since it often rains in Britain, it is also a good idea to purchase wellingtons as well. Many farmers choose to buy their shoes online so that they are delivered straight to their door.

There is no point in wearing expensive designer trainers on the farm as these will soon get dirty and damaged. Instead, farmers should get shoes specifically designed for walking through fields. Purchasing ones that are made by a well known, trusted brand will ensure that they last as long as possible.


Cheap and comfortable jeans should be worn. Britain’s farms are not known for their dangerous snakes. However, workers, can on occasion encounter adders. A good way of preventing bites from these creatures is by tucking your jeans into your work shoes.

The appropriate trousers to wear will depend on the specific type of farm work being done. Overalls are sometimes a better option than jeans. People should bear this in mind when deciding what clothes to buy.


During the hotter months of the year, farmers are in danger of getting sunburn. Over time, exposure to UV light can cause skin cancer. It can also trigger a more immediate condition: sunstroke.

Wearing a sunhat will prevent these issues from happening. They shield the head from the sun and also prevent its glare from damaging eyes.