A Glance At Fruit And Vegetable Farms In The UK

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The fruit and vegetable farming industry are not unique to any single place, but it is a richly cultivated type of crop farming in the UK. The UK has a British Growers Association designed for cultivating the best possible productions. The fruits and vegetables farmed in the UK are sold both locally and as a main source of exports. The fruits farmed include strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, apples, pears and plums. The vegetable growing market includes an equally vast amount of crops, such as tomatoes, rhubarb, carrots, cucumbers, leafy greens and onions to mention a few of the major choices.

These farms and plantations are not limited to one area of the UK, but instead are spread across many cities and counties. The vegetable crops will be found in areas with prime horticultural conditions, such as Yorkshire, Scotland and Lancashire. In addition, fruit farming is found in areas in the south east, West Country and spread across the majority of England. The quality of the produce provided by these farms are not only of a high caliber, but also produced in massive volumes, making the UK a prime fruit and vegetable producer to its own areas and other countries.